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Chief Executive Officer

Ian Lawrence

Ian conceived and is one of the original founders of The Strategem Group.  He is also its sole financial backer.

Ian is a long-time believer in creative decision-making and responsible and ethics-based business practice. He has also started to move the company into a employee-owned and controlled enterprise as he commences planning a more strategic use of his time and talents.

The corporate emphasis on Communications Solution Delivery remains entrenched in the operation of the company as it moves through this evolutionary process.  The transfer of ownership to long-term employees will continue over the next several years with Ian continuing his relationship with the company in a more advisory role with less day-to-day operational management input.

Training of long-term staff to manage the company in the longer term is an ongoing function to which Ian dedicated himself, starting in 2011.

While retaining the lead position on all initial project discovery meetings with clients, much of the downstream applications work is now being handled by staff.

Ian is looking forward to slowly developing a new role as Chairman Emeritus as staff start to undertake larger managerial roles.

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Ian's thought-provoking Editorial works can be found by clicking on the "From This Side of the Desk" link.

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