Communications, Mailing & Fulfillment

Member communications need to be integrated so that you communicate with each and every member in a way which they determine, but always with a fall-back mailing provision.

Tweets, e-mails faxes, telephone calls and hard copy print should all be acceptable forms of communication.  Individually, that is not a problem for most organizations, but integrating that process into one communications package is problematic.

We solve those issues on your behalf, acting as your communications channel communicating your messages to your members in the methodology with which they are most comfortable.  Should a message not be picked up within a pre-determined period of time, an automatic contact card is sent to re-establish communications.  Changing e-mail addresses due to Internet Carrier switching is a constant challenge and is solved by our integrated processes.

Newletters/Bulletins/Magazines can be handled using the same approach, reducing communications costs while freeing up valuable employee time and allowing them to concentrate on increasing business and not worrying about tiresome communications issues.

As your Virtual Office, we can accept incoming enquiries, resolve issues and, when questions of a delicate nature are raised, we can escalate those issues to the appropriate employee in your organization.

Fulfillment of professional and promotional information on a single or multiple unit bases is effected on a 24-hour turn around basis from our Niagara-based facility.  

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