This is one area of cost avoidance that is frequently neglected.

"We always go out for at least three quotes", is typically the answer that most people give, believing that is all there is to the process.

In actuality the process starts with the design of the piece and the impact that design has upon production costs, the possibility of integrating the print needs of multiple departments in order to obtain pricing breaks. The specification of the stock and possible alternatives place a huge role in the understanding of where price breaks occur depending upon technologies applied.  All this and more impacts the cost of print.

Compounding this are the various differing technologies that are available from different printing companies added to the various methodologies available for small and large volume variable print-on-demand systems, and the complexities increase dramatically.

And finally, the all important supplier-client interface and the creation of good supplier relationships that allow for fall-back positions when unplanned emergency situations hit.

We demystify the entire print design and production processes through our certified print partners to ensure only the most cost-effective, timely results with constant feedback on potential changes in design to reduce costs and improve the functionality of the print produced.

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