Concept Development & Design

From Database Integration to Customer Relationships Management to Print Design and Execution to Social Media Events to Customer Loyalty Programs to Tweets to Broadcast Media to e-mail blasts.  Strategem can create a totally integrated concept development utilizing our expertise with your own internal experts and accredited contracted professional support.

Because of the need for each of these elements to communicate and support each other as one unit, Strategem can help create a single seamless concept which allows you to harmoniously communicate across multiple platforms and around your world in an effective and efficient manner.  This may be integrated into existing systems or be part of new systems development.

We help put in place the controls system to enable real-time auditing of functions and functionality with reporting your team determines.

From relatively simple solutions such as integrating Hard Copy Billing with e-Billing to fully functional on-line support programs, we bring practical solutions which enhance client experience without degrading bottom line performance.

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