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Technology and Innovation Award - Finalist

Owned by Ian Lawrence, Strategem/C Me Direct is a full service data management center located in St. Catharines and committed to embracing emerging technologies in the field of data management and applications to the benefit of local companies and institutions. Its track and trace integrated web-enabled software and bar code technology allows corporations, institutions and government departments to implement data collection and bar coding to a level that is unparalleled in North America. In 2000, Strategem/C Me Direct implemented new mailing technology, e-verifact, a program ensuring instant visual verification of all mailing strategies and offering customers a new level of transparency in highly sensitive marketing initiatives. The company signed an agreement in 2006 with the Grape Growers of Ontario to implement a new track and trace web-based system for the 2007 grape harvest, allowing growers to capture real-time data and measurable results, for increased accuracy and efficiency of data collection, dramatic improvements in food supply chain security and payment reconciliation.

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