The Strategem Group is dedicated to the provision of Intelligent Communications Delivery Solutions.  We custom integrate all modalities of communications in a cost-effective manner to allow our clients to concentrate their energies on providing excellence in customer experience to their clients.

We eliminate complexities and duplication of service delivery processes in all areas of communication and provide clarity and transparency which allows for improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

Your customers require your company to communicate with them in the manner which they find most appropriate, not the way which was defined years ago.  We ensure that the Total Communication Delivery System can do that for you, electronically, physically, and in an integrated auditable process.

We can act as your Virtual Office taking care of as much of the communication process as you wish, or we can simply provide the system for your staff to manage with us providing the "Backroom Support".

From collection and management of Invoices, Statements and Membership Fees, to Integrated Database Management Solutions, to the production of integrated electronic & hard copy communications projects, the Strategem Group can provide your one-stop solutions.


Any questions please contact sales@mailmanager.ca or call (905) 688-0773.